‘Apple Music’ would be the name of the streaming music service with Apple’s social functions

The WWDC 2015 is just around the corner and as rumors and leaked information occurs before Apple introduced intensify ahead of its official announcement. Such is the case of streaming music service that Apple wants to return to the music scene and compete against Spotify and similar services.

apple music

Hola Apple Music
In Cupertino don’t want to break the head and if the information is correct, this service would simply name by Apple Music, and to remember that it is based on Beats Music, so continuity is being given and the name is simple, easy to recognize and locate.

An important part of Apple Music will be the integration of a social platform where artists can have a custom page to make innovations that range from progress of his songs, tour information, videos, photos and even talks with his followers.

With an iTunes account, we can follow these pages for updates in the form of notifications in any of our devices, as well as comment or give ‘Likes’ to the publications of the artist. But if we do not want to fill in these notices, they can be disabled with the option leaked in the latest beta of iOS 8.4.

Another interesting aspect is that Apple Music would be available on iOS within the music app in version 8.4, Mac OS X and Windows with iTunes 12.2 and Android and Windows Phone as a standalone application after it is updated Beats Music in the respective app stores. What this tells us that Apple wants to have presence on various platforms to extend the scope of this service.

Finally, Apple Music not only would be a streaming music service, but Apple wants it to be a complete and integrated platform of music services like iTunes Match and iTunes Radio would be maintained with developments such as periods of testing and international release during the month of June.

Fortunately the day is near and we have a date for next June 8 where Apple will release news about its operating, service and a possible renewal of the Apple TV.