Apple is preparing to use Liquidmetal in iPhone 6

Although little is known about the characteristics of the next ‘smartphone’, the machinery of the leakages has begun to roll to move as it will be the next iPhone or, as have been baptized the analysts, the iPhone 6. Among the novelties, there is a possibility that the terminal enter some components manufactured in “liquid metal”.

liquidmetal in iPhone 6

In 2010, Apple signed agreement with California Institute of Technology (Caltech), a company owned by Liquidmetal Technologies, to provide the apple company the rights to use advanced metal alloys of Liquidmetal for the purposes of consumer electronics.

According Announces ‘MacRumors’, portal specializes in the company, Apple could use this material for the pressure sensor to the “Start” button after reveal up to 17 new applications for patents filed by the Cupertino company last week. Another application of this material as it appears in the catalog of patents is to create tamper-proof screws.

This is a material provides a high breakdown voltage, excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The alloy was first marketed in 2003 in some products such as golf clubs or watches.