Apple is preparing a mass production of its upcoming models of iPhones

The technology company Apple has asked its suppliers to manufacture by the end of the year between 85 to 90 million in the next models of its iPhone smartphones, newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported today.

apple preparing iPhones model

The US company also requested an initial production record between 70 to 80 million phones, a figure that, according to sources of the newspaper, Apple this year expected to exceed last year.

The newspaper indicates that the screen size of the new phone, which will go on sale in late 2015, will be the same as the last two models available in the market, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which debuted in early September last year.

The company, which currently has the highest market capitalization in the world, sold 135.6 million of its new phones by the end of its fiscal year, which ends in September, a rise of 43 percent over the same period of the previous year.

The sources consulted by the newspaper indicated that the Chinese company Foxconn, Apple’s main assembly plant, has begun recruiting employees for its production of Zhengzhou, which will begin mass production of phone next month.

According to the newspaper, Apple thinks of hiring a third company for the assembly of their phones, Wistron Corporation, based in Taiwan, in order to avoid delays in delivering orders.

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