An accessory to have hands in the world of virtual reality

The control device by gestures Leap Motion will be compatible with the Oculus Rift viewfinder for greater interaction with virtual objects and environments….

leap motion

Virtual worlds featuring Oculus Rift, acquired by Facebook in two billion dollars, now have an accessory that will allow users to use their hands to interact with the environment through the control knob Leap Motion. As usual, the use of this technology is limited to a limited by the developer and the movement path of the viewfinder.

However, the combination of Oculus Rift with Leap Motion opens the possibility of creating new forms of interaction at the time to create scenarios that make up virtual worlds.

Developed to create a new form of interaction with computers, Leap Motion ensures device will allow the use of hands in virtual worlds without the need for additional sensors equipped with special gloves.

To use these features just enough to locate the Leap Motion controller on the front of the visor Oculus Rift and, thus, the joint work of both accessories will offer the user the ability to interact smoothly and in real time with objects and the 3D environment.