A robotic assistant to have two extra fingers

The robotic developments are often related to improving the quality of life of patients, such as different models of exoskeleton as mobility assistants. There are also several projects aimed at enhancing human limbs, as with additional bionic arms to work in an industrial environment.

additional bionic arms

In this case, a group of MIT researchers managed to create a device that provides two additional robotic fingers, which work together with a glove equipped with special sensors. Thus, a person can use all five fingers of one hand to type on the screen of a tablet or operate tools and objects.

This feature, useful in patients who only have one hand, can become an alternative option to a bionic arm, already available in the American market. “Just as there are technology for clothing, wearable robotics is an interesting choice to make this type of project”, said Harry Asada, at MIT, whose laboratory was also involved in the development of additional bionic arms.