A pen to write on paper and see the trace on the screen

For quick annotations to drawings, doodles or just for taking notes, many prefer the paper and ink rather than the keyboard of the notebook or tablet. But take that information to a digital format without redoing everything usually requires a scanner or a camera.

One alternative is proposed (in the USA) Moleskine and Livescribe, a company that manufactures special ball point pens, Livescribe 3 Smartpen, which feature a microphone to record audio notes and a camera on the end that allows you to scan in real time (via Bluetooth), the strokes that the user does on paper, which are reflected in a tablet or smartphone.


The novelty here is the use of special symbols present in the paper, allowing to create virtual labels to better classify the drawing or handwritten text that is being digitized.

Moleskine already had partnered with Evernote to implement something similar, but using a pen or conventional pencil: a few stickers on paper help to their classification and recognition when loaded (as pictured) in Evernote…