A new satellite will offer aerial photos with twice the quality that current

The digital cartography has in recent years experienced explosive growth that transformed many industries, from monitoring vehicles and creating various Internet platforms based on geolocation in the way to travel and discover new places.

WorldView-3 satellite

An important contribution in this transformation came from the hand of Google Maps or digital mapping services that changed the way people use maps, accompanied by an immense collection of satellite images.

Now, a commercial satellite launched into space twill take photos with a resolution that duplicates the one that Google uses to the date for its Maps. The company DigitalGlobe, one of the largest firms in offering satellite images from around the world, was authorized by the American government to offer this service through WorldView-3 satellite, which is an orbit of 617 kilometers altitude.

At the time, the restriction was not technical: only permitted to register panchromatic images (taken from the air) up to 45 inches, due to regulatory issues in the United States. DigitalGlobe managed to extend the limit to 25 inches, measure a definition twice the highest quality used by Google in its digital maps.

WorldView-3 Satellite technology allows you to record images even when there are clouds and has an algorithm that allows you to identify and count objects, but lacks the precision to recognize a patent or a face, but to determine the model of a vehicle.