8 Tips for Productivity In The Office

You don’t have to demolish your office and install a race track just to enjoy the same productivity as Google. All you need are a few design adjustments, a few new habits, and your business can boom just as much as neo-chic offices with million-dollar incomes. Here are eight tips for getting the most out of your 9-to-5.

productivity in office

Network Your Computers
Time is money, so stop wasting it with faxes or even email attachments. Connect all your computers on a network to share important files instantly and without fuss.

Declutter Your Desktops
Chaos on the desk is chaos in the mind. While everyone has their own working version of “tidy”, you can always encourage things like in/outboxes and office supply organizers. You can even make gifts of them in the spirit of productivity.

Go Paperless
How much energy do you spend on paperwork? Filing, scanning, stapling, shredding, printing, organizing, alphabetizing… the list is endless. Convert everything to digital documents to save time as well as trees.

Make Brainstorming Easy
Collaboration is the key to creative stimulation, but if your employees are stuck in their cubicles all day, when will they get the chance to share ideas? Consider opening a forum or company wiki where the plans and designs are allowed to flow freely.

Replace Your Furniture
No one does their best work when they’re in pain. Throw out your old, uncomfortable chairs for more ergonomic models; raise your desk to stop banging your knees on the interior.

Open The Windows
Fresh air and sunshine have been psychologically linked to better moods, increased health and higher levels of productivity. For example, did you know natural light wakes up the brain? Raise the blinds to let your workers get their daily dose of vitamin D.

Keep Everyone Updated
Use RSS feeds or even a social media account to keep all your employees appraised of new developments and progress reports. By making sure everyone is on the same page, you can eliminate “where are we now” conferences entirely.

If you’re serious about shaking off the dust bunnies and motivating your employees, these eight tricks should be enough to get you started. Good luck!