5 tips to conserve your cell phone battery

It has happened to all: We have to leave the house fuelled by an emergency and we find our-self so our cell phone has a low battery or is inoperative for being downloaded. The same happens when we go out to work and realize we have forgotten to recharge the batteries of the cell during the night, so we expected a way to work completely isolated.

conserve cell phone battery

To combat these uncomfortable incidents that make us less effective and accessible in our day to day, we give you some keys that will get slow discharge of your cell phone battery. Here we go!

  • Be sure to make a full load when going to use for the first time. In this way we will maximize the capabilities of our battery accumulation.
  • Set the brightness of the screen “conservatively”, alternating moments when we’re outdoors and inside a building, for the big difference between the solar light and the electricity.
  • Remember not to leave applications in use, since it consume resources and battery necessary for the stability of the cell the more time they are activated.
  • Get an external battery. it’s can be purchased anywhere and its price depends on whether we want to be able to recharge the cell 1, 2 or even 3 times.
  • Take advantage of the use of ‘flight mode’ to reduce all the processes related to the connection to the Internet.