21.5″ Acer HD Monitor with touch technology

Acer UT220HQL monitor has been designed with the firm intention of providing amazing pictures, comfortable viewing and unmatched elegance. With a 21.5″ Full HD display, intuitive touch technology of 10 points and a recliner-slip backing that allows users to find the perfect viewing angle in seconds, Acer UT220HQL is ideal to explore the possibilities of Windows 8.

Acer UT220HQL monitor

Style, technology and functionality
Acer UT220HQL is the result of the care company devoted to style, technology and functionality of their products. Manufactured from Acer unique floating design, this monitor features a LED backlit display with 1920 × 1080 pixel resolution for a superb level of detail, so it becomes the perfect display for viewing HD content streaming, browse your photos and play your favorite games and multimedia content.

Acer does not forget comfort: the monitor can be tilted to 80°, while its wide viewing angle improves the way to explore the contents of the digital world from any position. Acer UT220HQL has a panel technology that creates comfortable experience and detailed viewing, with great color accuracy and provides ultra-smooth playback even with faster action movies, all with viewing angles of 178°, both horizontally and vertically.

Besides showing the most detailed and bright images from any angle, Acer UT220HQL has 10 point multi-touch technology to have a touch experience with Windows 8 without strings attached that will allow users to interact with the digital world without having to use a keyboard or mouse.

In the back of Acer UT220HQL find multiple connection options, including HDMI and VGA ports for sources with MHL technology and USB 2.0 ports, so it is an ideal monitor for any environment.

To enjoy the adventures captured from any mobile device simply connect a smartphone or tablet through the MHL Cable (Mobile High-definition Link) dedicated. Users can immediately enjoy multimedia content, detailed HD pictures and surround sound in a much larger screen while charging devices.

Price and Availability
The Acer UT220HQL monitor will be available from the second half of December at a price of €280 (excluding VAT).