10 new car accessories that make your life easier

Every day that goes by driving is much easier. More secure, more fun, more enjoyable. Thanks to innovation, and almost without realizing it, motorists approach future driving with technologies that make everything simpler and more enjoyable. Devices that can help to avoid accidents, which help the driver to get out of a hurry and that, also, solve small details of the day to day.

Who has not given a little blow to the car when parking? Who has not circulated at night with the lights off? At the wheel of the new Ford Focus, with the most efficient engines in its category, these situations will no longer be repeated. In addition to the Ford Co-Pilot360 system (with technologies such as adaptive cruise control with lane maintenance, pre-collision assistance, signal recognition or cross-traffic alert), the new Focus includes innovations that add comfort to a journey in car.

10 Technologies for the day to day

electric hand brake

1. Electric hand brake

The driver can forget to pull an awkward lever when parking the vehicle, but not only that. The electric hand brake of the new Ford Focus includes the Auto Hold system, designed to ensure that you do not have to press the brake continuously to keep the vehicle stopped. The driver can release the pedal and the vehicle will remain stopped. When you step on the accelerator, the Auto Hold function will release the brakes.

2. Hands free tailgate

It is not unusual to find your hands full (of shopping bags, suitcases, children …) at the time of opening the trunk. The solution, as long as you have the key on it, consists simply of passing your foot under the rear bumper. Two sensors recognize the action and send a signal to the vehicle to open or close the gate.

head up display

3. Head-Up Display

You do not have to take your eyes off the road to receive the most relevant information: The Head-Up Display projects in front of the windshield, in the field of vision of the driver, the most relevant details: speed, speed limits, traffic signs, instructions and navigation data, alerts…The new Ford Focus is retractable, easily configurable and visible in bright sunlight.

4. Adaptive lighting system

The dipped lights are activated as soon as the car detects little clarity in the surroundings, but, in addition, the system distributes the light according to the needs of each situation. The headlights turn when the car detects a curve, either thanks to the sensors on the steering wheel, or by the front camera (depending on the chosen version of the new Ford Focus).

driving mode selection

5. Selection of driving modes

The drivers have adapted to their car as best as they could; now they can make their car also suit them. Just choose the right driving mode for each moment, even for each mood. The Normal, Comfort, Sport, Eco, Eco-Comfort modes allow the acceleration to be more or less ecological or sporty, the gears are more or less short, the feel of the steering wheel varies, the control of the temperature is more ecological to save fuel…

6. B&O Play sound equipment

The music does not sound the same when bass and treble depend on a B&O Play sound system, with 10 high-end speakers that optimize sound quality and distribution.

wireless charger

7. Wireless charger

Has the phone run out of battery? If the smartphone is compatible with wireless charging (or has a specific case that enables it for this function), simply place it on the small mouse pad located under the audio system. If there are objects in the charger (keys, coins or wallets), the mobile will not be charged.

extended rear view camera

8. Extended rear view camera

Even if you do not use the parking assistant, it is always good to have the support of the rear view camera to take references and avoid unwanted crashes. The one that uses the new Ford Focus has a 180ยบ vision that encompasses a large field of image.

9. Wifi point

In this case, good support for passengers. The FordPass Connect system integrates a modem in the vehicle with a Wi-Fi connection point to which up to seven devices can be connected at a time. The connection is available outside the vehicle within a radius of 15 meters.

10. Adjustable seats in 18 positions

Available in the driver’s and passenger’s seats so that they travel in the most comfortable way possible. The height, the movement (front/rear), the inclination and the length of the seat and the inclination of the backrest can be adjusted manually. It also includes electric lumbar adjustment (four positions) and electric headrests adjustment (four positions).